It’s all downhill from here

I heard the weatherman excitedly pronounce a few days ago that from here on through January the average daily high temperature would be decreasing. Wow! That’s a cheery thought. So, here in southern Sconnieland we top out at 83 degrees Fahrenheit the last week of July. Gradually the average high declines until the end of January when the temperature finally hits 26 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s kind of optimistic, I think. The way I remember the end of January we’d be really happy to see 26 degrees. :-)



2 Responses to It’s all downhill from here

  1. Yes, toasty here too. We are at 90° F today. Dry as a bone too. Rain storms keep missing us, but I bet the snowstorms don’t.

    • Mike says:

      They never do. :-)

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