Tommy’s calling card

Tommy, the wild turkey who showed up a few weeks ago here at Ladybird Lane, left his calling card while we were away visiting family in Romania. Tommy had dug himself a dust pit and seems to think the north side of the house is a pretty good place to stay cool during the summer heat.

We told friends and family about Tommy and everybody advised us on how to catch a “curcan sălbatic” and turn him into a good meal. I told them that turkeys were government property and I would need a license to do that. Most were pretty amused by the idea of having to get a license for anything and especially just to take a wild government turkey.

Turkey feathers are really pretty. The large one is big enough to make a nice writing quill. The smaller ones have a lot of very soft down at the quill end. I guess that’s how Tommy keeps warm in the winter.



3 Responses to Tommy’s calling card

  1. Dan says:

    Cool! Having turkeys in your yard makes you feel so…colonial. We sometimes have a large flock hang out at the pond, and I save the feathers they leave us.

    • Mike says:

      This guy seems to like my apples. Not the whole apple. Just certain spots. I’ve thrown away a fair number of peck-damaged fruit :-(

      • Dan says:

        Lucky bird!

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