It’s that time of year again!

Yep, Packers are heading to Soldier Field, Sunday, high-noon, to teach the Bears another thing or two about football. :-) Browsing through some game-related stuff on Facebook I came across this. The Bears are probably hoping Cutler is better at football this Sunday than at Wheel of Fortune.

HOLLYWOOD — Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler left his appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune empty-handed Friday when he bought a vowel rather than trying to solve a fairly easy puzzle.
The letter S would have completed the puzzle and earned Cutler a jackpot of $8,000.
Even Vanna White knew that the Bears still suck.
Cutler opens Chicago’s 2015 regular season this weekend at home against the rival Green Bay Packers, where he is not expected to fare better than he did on Wheel of Fortune.

bearscutler;-) Just a little funnin’ ya, folks! Thanks to Tim Donovan for the laughs! I love Onion-y kind of stuff!

All joking aside, I read that the Bears keep Cutler because it would cost the team a fortune to get rid of him. I wonder if the Bears Brain Trust (there’s an oxymoron for you!) have figured how much losing all the time costs them?



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