A tourist’s map of Sconnieland

It’s the first home game for the Packers today, the first home game for the Badgers was yesterday (quite a party) and we’d sure hate for first time visitors to Sconnieland to get lost. It has pretty much all you need to know :-)



5 Responses to A tourist’s map of Sconnieland

  1. Born in Pheasant Hunting country and camped for many seasons in the land of the Hippies along the Big River where there’s a little area called Goddamn, That’s Good Cheese!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for visiting and taking some of that cheese with you! 😀

      • I took a smoked cheddar and bacon cheese ADDICTION with me. Damnit.

        • Mike says:

          Be sure to get a little smoked blue next visit. It’s darn good on a burger!

          • I will, first winning lottery ticket that comes.

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