Flying blue pigs

When I hear the phrase “flying pigs” these guys — blue jays — come to mind. They are voracious peanut eaters and not too shy about stuffing two or three at a time down their gullets. It’s sort of like the bird version of kids and chocolate. It’s fun to watch these beautiful, talkative birds. I wish the photos weren’t quite so soft. The light was kind of low that morning and these guys were moving fast trying to carry away as many peanuts as they could before the squirrels got there.


7 Responses to Flying blue pigs

  1. Maybe they are greedy, but their colors will always be so pretty!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting, Megan. They are beautiful and interesting birds to watch.

      • Yes, they are! We have one that comes almost every morning to eat out of a sunflower head in our flowerbed.

  2. NEO says:

    In my family they were shotgun fodder. Their habit of breaking the other bird’s eggs didn’t go over well with dad. So we didn’t see all that much of them. Not the best birds around apparently, descended from Tyrannosauruses Rex, perhaps.

    • Mike says:

      They’re pretty to look at but vicious competitors. They intend to win at the game of life. :-) Sparrows, too, I’ve watched them attack and root wrens out of nests in bird houses they want. Nature plays for keeps. :-)

      • NEO says:

        Yep, nature has always understood that second place is the first loser.But sometimes I like to unlevel the playing field a bit. :)

        • Mike says:

          Yep, we each have our favorites.

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