This is gonna hurt!

After a beautiful November bitter cold and the first snowfall of the season is heading our way. By Saturday morning they say Ladybird Lane could have five inches of that ugly, cold white stuff on the ground, and on the sidewalk, and on the driveway. :-( 11 degrees, coming at us. Brrrrrr! This is gonna hurt!

I went to the garden and dug up the remaining goodies, a big bag full of carrots and another big bag full of parsnips. They are sweet! And, there was some broccoli, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and kale hanging on. It was a very good year for gardening. I’m already looking forward to next Spring.



10 Responses to This is gonna hurt!

  1. The worst is knowing that people do not want to know.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting

  2. wolsten says:

    Still using Fahrenheit over there Mike?

    • Mike says:

      That indeed is Fahrenheit, my friend. 11 C would be a pleasant day! 😀

      • wolsten says:

        Got our first snowfall today. Unusually early. Probably means nothing but…

        • Mike says:

          Joining the crowd, huh? 6 inches here overnight and now it’s getting cold. What’s 8F in Celcius? ;-)

          • wolsten says:

            Minus 13 apparently! Our brief flurry doesn’t compare. Even so people are getting excited about threats to energy security. Backup diesel generation is going to be important this winter.

          • Mike says:

            Central planning on action. Here energy is cheap and abundant, natural gas is cheaper than I’ve seen in a very long time and gasoline near me is $1.96/gallon, even cheaper elsewhere.

  3. We are still pretty warm here in NYC. I need to start thinking about winterizing my garden and turning off the water to the backyard and draining the pipes. Your post reminded me cold weather will get here soon.

    • Mike says:

      Too soon! 😕 Time to git er done!

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