Tommy’s Thanksgiving

Tommy, our local turkey, enjoyed his usual meal of mixed grains and sunflower seeds this Thanksgiving. I think he’s grateful that the locals didn’t put him on their Thanksgiving tables. He’s a pretty smart turkey having now figured out how to get into the hanging basket feeder. Occasionally he cleans up some of his mess under the two feeders. What a guy!

I hope all of you had at least as nice of a Thanksgiving as Tommy. :-)


Tommy has figured out how to eat from the basket feeder.



Tommy’s also pretty comfortable picking seed out of the little cup on this small birdhouse.


7 Responses to Tommy’s Thanksgiving

  1. He’s beautiful and resourceful and so glad he is still around.

    • Mike says:

      Indeed. And he’s tons of fun to watch. Now he’s getting used to us. When I go out to put some seed in that basket feeder he runs off 15 or 20 feet and wait anxiously until I turn around then he runs back and starts eating again.

  2. cindy knoke says:

    He is quite the handsome bird!

    • Mike says:

      And he seems to know it 😃

  3. Having the name of Tom… (and being a vegetarian), I can be appreciative of that! :)

    • Mike says:

      Excellent observation. Thanks for commenting 😁

      • Occasionally, I clean up some of my mess too! :)

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