It’s lily season

The lilies are blooming and this bunch caught my eye. Our front yard at Ladybird Lane is pretty shady but sometimes sunbeams punch their way through the ash and locust canopy and give the flowers this momentary brilliance.

Pink lilies

Last rose of the season at Ladybird Lane

This is the last rose of 2015. A hard freeze is predicted for tomorrow night. That’s about a week later than usual for the Madison area. It’s only a week but I’m grateful for the extra few days of decent weather. :-) It’s been a terrific year for gardening in our area.

I was surprised that the photo turned out to have this nice macro appearance even though I was using the 18-105mm lens.


Bright yellow daylily

On the other side of the house we have some really bright yellow daylilies. This is a lot easier to photograph than the pale yellow ones since the detail shows up much better. When taking the picture I wanted to get both the pistil and the stamens in focus and not totally blur the petals. It seems to have worked out pretty well.


Pale yellow daylily

I like taking pictures of daylilies but pale colors often turn out to be kind of boring. Any suggestions for improving this sort of photo? I like photos that present nature as it is yet this seems dull.


A terrific year for lilies

It’s been a terrific year for lilies here at Ladybird Lane. Here’s one of my favorites. This particular plant has been blooming for about two weeks and still isn’t finished. The buds just keep forming and opening.

Sunny green eyed Susan

Getting out of the car this morning about 10 this flower popped me right in the eye. I ran into the house, grabbed the camera and had a little fun recording this rather sunny green eyed Susan. I like this flower, a variety of rudbeckia, but they often lack symmetry. I like symmetry! :-) So, this particular one really grabbed my attention.

Fabulous spirea and some tiny visitors

The spirea is blooming like crazy this week and looks just fabulous. Spirea has to be one of the most spectacular blooming shrubs. Right? Anyway, I took a few shots and after looking them over guess what I found creeping around in the flowers. Yep, some new little friends enjoying a pollen feast. Spirea flowers are not very big and these fellas are even smaller. What is that insect’s name? Nature is an amazing thing!

Bleeding hearts I look forward to seeing

The bleeding heart here at Ladybird Lane was especially nice this year. I really do love this plant. The leaves are very pretty, the branches droop so gracefully and the pink color is especially nice. And then there is the shape of the blossom. It’s one of my favorites.

Beauty even after the petals have withered and fallen

It’s getting to the end of the Spring bulb season. The tulips that were so fresh and vibrant just two weeks ago here at Ladybird Lane are now, at least from a distance, decrepit and ugly. But if one take a second look, a little closer look, there’s still a lot of beauty after the petals are withered and fallen. And, the plant is still alive preparing itself for next season and producing the next generation.

Afternoon snack

This hairy little guy was enjoying a little afternoon snack of peony nectar. I didn’t realize ants were so hairy.

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