It’s lily season

The lilies are blooming and this bunch caught my eye. Our front yard at Ladybird Lane is pretty shady but sometimes sunbeams punch their way through the ash and locust canopy and give the flowers this momentary brilliance.

Pink lilies

It’s Turkey Prime Time

It’s been Turkey Prime Time for a month or so now with our local bird, Tommy, putting on quite a show. Unfortunately for Tommy there aren’t any hens watching his show. Too bad. He’s quite a handsome Tom! The neighbors tell me they see them roosting a few houses away from here in the oak trees. Maybe he’s found a friend or two there.

OMG! Crocuses!!!

The first crocuses of the year have poked their heads out of the frozen tundra.


The temps look good for the coming week and showers are in the forecast. I’d like to declare, “Spring, Spring, Spring is here!!!” but it’s Wisconsin …. I’m hopeful but realistic.

Tommy’s Thanksgiving

Tommy, our local turkey, enjoyed his usual meal of mixed grains and sunflower seeds this Thanksgiving. I think he’s grateful that the locals didn’t put him on their Thanksgiving tables. He’s a pretty smart turkey having now figured out how to get into the hanging basket feeder. Occasionally he cleans up some of his mess under the two feeders. What a guy!

I hope all of you had at least as nice of a Thanksgiving as Tommy. :-)


Tommy has figured out how to eat from the basket feeder.



Tommy’s also pretty comfortable picking seed out of the little cup on this small birdhouse.

This is gonna hurt!

After a beautiful November bitter cold and the first snowfall of the season is heading our way. By Saturday morning they say Ladybird Lane could have five inches of that ugly, cold white stuff on the ground, and on the sidewalk, and on the driveway. :-( 11 degrees, coming at us. Brrrrrr! This is gonna hurt!

I went to the garden and dug up the remaining goodies, a big bag full of carrots and another big bag full of parsnips. They are sweet! And, there was some broccoli, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and kale hanging on. It was a very good year for gardening. I’m already looking forward to next Spring.


It’s all downhill from here

I heard the weatherman excitedly pronounce a few days ago that from here on through January the average daily high temperature would be decreasing. Wow! That’s a cheery thought. So, here in southern Sconnieland we top out at 83 degrees Fahrenheit the last week of July. Gradually the average high declines until the end of January when the temperature finally hits 26 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s kind of optimistic, I think. The way I remember the end of January we’d be really happy to see 26 degrees. :-)


Amazing shelf cloud from Kirby Wright

Photographer Kirby Wright captured this amazing image of a shelf cloud over Lake Mendota this morning about 6:00 a.m. The UW-Madison is on the left side of the photo. We’ve been getting some pretty strong storms the last couple of days and if you’re in the right spot you’ll catch some pretty interesting clouds.

How many wings?

A couple of rather odd looking dragonflies were flying around the backyard here at Ladybird Lane a few days ago. It was nice and warm and they were taking advantage of it. Anyway, I got to looking and these dragonflies have broad, flat abdomens and at first when looking at the photographs I thought I saw eight wings! Then I realized four of those “wings” were just shadows.

Kissing chickadees

Chickadees are fascinating and fun birds to watch. They’re pretty aggressive and highly individualistic, from what I have observed. Monday morning we were sitting at the breakfast table watching them dart around between the spruce trees and the cable that runs between our house and the line in the back of the yard when we saw something unusual, one chickadee make an offering to another chickadee. In the photo the chickadee on the right was perched on the line when all of a sudden the one on the left landed on the line and quickly shuffled over to the other one and offer whatever that green thing in it’s beak is (worm?) to the other. The one on the right seems surprised. It must be mating season. Anyway, even though the photo is bad I thought it would be interesting to show.


Fabulous spirea and some tiny visitors

The spirea is blooming like crazy this week and looks just fabulous. Spirea has to be one of the most spectacular blooming shrubs. Right? Anyway, I took a few shots and after looking them over guess what I found creeping around in the flowers. Yep, some new little friends enjoying a pollen feast. Spirea flowers are not very big and these fellas are even smaller. What is that insect’s name? Nature is an amazing thing!

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