This is gonna hurt!

After a beautiful November bitter cold and the first snowfall of the season is heading our way. By Saturday morning they say Ladybird Lane could have five inches of that ugly, cold white stuff on the ground, and on the sidewalk, and on the driveway. :-( 11 degrees, coming at us. Brrrrrr! This is gonna hurt!

I went to the garden and dug up the remaining goodies, a big bag full of carrots and another big bag full of parsnips. They are sweet! And, there was some broccoli, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and kale hanging on. It was a very good year for gardening. I’m already looking forward to next Spring.


It’s all downhill from here

I heard the weatherman excitedly pronounce a few days ago that from here on through January the average daily high temperature would be decreasing. Wow! That’s a cheery thought. So, here in southern Sconnieland we top out at 83 degrees Fahrenheit the last week of July. Gradually the average high declines until the end of January when the temperature finally hits 26 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s kind of optimistic, I think. The way I remember the end of January we’d be really happy to see 26 degrees. :-)


Amazing shelf cloud from Kirby Wright

Photographer Kirby Wright captured this amazing image of a shelf cloud over Lake Mendota this morning about 6:00 a.m. The UW-Madison is on the left side of the photo. We’ve been getting some pretty strong storms the last couple of days and if you’re in the right spot you’ll catch some pretty interesting clouds.

Is this the most fearsome storm cloud?

You tell me, but for my buck this is one of the most fearsome storm clouds I’ve ever seen. It was taken by storm chasing photographer Kelly DeLay near Simla, Colorado. The shape of the cloud just gives me the feeling that everything under it is being vacuumed up and shredded. And then there’s the faint glowing blue color. Scary! There’s some good coverage of Mr DeLay and his photography at PetaPixel and 500px.

This is unfortunate

Just a few days ago we were celebrating the arrival of Spring noting that a few brave crocuses had poked their heads out of the ground. This morning, though, six inches of heavy, wet white stuff is on the ground here at Ladybird Lane. :-( I guess the gardening will have to wait a few more days.

First crocuses of the Spring at Ladybird Lane

The first crocuses of the Spring are out here at Ladybird Lane! Actually, I saw them yesterday but they weren’t open so I didn’t grab a snapshot. But today they’re open. Yay!

Northern lights in Wisconsin

The recent strong solar storm has caused the Northern Lights to be visible even here in Southern Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has some photos gleaned from Twitter. They’re gorgeous in a spooky way. I wish I’d ventured out last night. It was clear and cold and would have been a great night for viewing.

Just South of Madison at Edgerton.

At Ellison Bay on the Door Peninsula.



Ice Bowl II coming up, the ‘Boys first thought is “where’s the heater”

Ice Bowl II between Green Bay and Dallas is coming up this Sunday and the folks from Dallas are wondering how the ‘Boys will stay warm. According to the headline,

coldcowboysThat’s good to hear. If their first thought is “where’s the heater” they’re not worrying about where Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers are. The temperature will be cold, a high of 18 is expected, but this is pretty good considering the past week.

There’s a funny video going around showing the last four minutes of the pregame show for Ice Bowl I played December 31, 1967. The announcers are Ray Scott, Jack Buck and Frank Gifford. Frank forgot his stocking cap. Everyone agreed, it was very cold, 16 below zero at game time.

icebowl1Records from show it was to get much colder a week later. Wow, 24 below.


Brrrrr … 8 Below this morning

The polar vortex has attacked us again after a fairly mild December. We hit 8 below zero Fahrenheit this morning here at Ladybird Lane. Things have improved the last couple of hours. We’re up to 6 below at the moment (9:30a.m.) Prospects for the next few days are not encouraging. We’re forecast to hit 13 below early Thursday morning after a forecast high Wednesday of 5 below zero. Fortunately, the first two weeks of January are typically our coldest time of the year, according to the weatherman, and I’m already thinking of Spring gardening, assuming that Spring shows up.

Ice roses at Ladybird Lane

The weather turned frigid this past week here in the Madison area. High temperatures are usually in the mid-40s but in the last seven days we haven’t gotten above 29 and yesterday we topped out at 14. Brrrrrrrr!!!!! Needless to say this bitter cold spell, coming as early as it has, ended the dreams of Ladybird Lane’s Winter Roses of finishing the season with a flourish. The snow and last night’s 8 degrees (F) temperature has turned them into ice roses.

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