It’s Turkey Prime Time

It’s been Turkey Prime Time for a month or so now with our local bird, Tommy, putting on quite a show. Unfortunately for Tommy there aren’t any hens watching his show. Too bad. He’s quite a handsome Tom! The neighbors tell me they see them roosting a few houses away from here in the oak trees. Maybe he’s found a friend or two there.

OMG! Crocuses!!!

The first crocuses of the year have poked their heads out of the frozen tundra.


The temps look good for the coming week and showers are in the forecast. I’d like to declare, “Spring, Spring, Spring is here!!!” but it’s Wisconsin …. I’m hopeful but realistic.

Fall is (has been) in the air and Limburger cheese

Fall has been in the air for a couple of weeks now. The locust trees have been turning yellow and raining down their leaves and now the maples are getting quite a bit of color. We got out of town Saturday for a little while and on the way back home we went through Monroe, Wis. It’s a nice small town and has an interesting and attractive town square. One place you have to stop, if you’re in that area, is Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern. What a combination, beer and cheese. It’s pure Sconnie! Baumgartner’s has to be one of the few places where you can still get a Limburger and red onion on rye sandwich. By the way, it comes with a safety warning: “Do not eat this with your nose!” The Lady of Ladybird Lane said it was outstanding and I can attest to that; we didn’t kiss until she got home and brushed her teeth and gargled. Whew!

The only cheese plant producing Limburger in the U.S., Chalet Cheese Co-op, is located a little ways North of Monroe. HuffPo had a nice little article about the Limburger, Chalet and Monroe if you’d like to know more. The cheesemakers of Green County say there are a dozen plants making over 50 different varieties of cheese in the county. And, when you go to a cheese store there you’ll find lots of other varieties as well. Anyway, back to our lunch and fall. I had a Reuben, as you can tell from the picture. I’m not quite as daring my mate. Around the courthouse the trees were just beginning to get some color. It was a pretty scene.

A tourist’s map of Sconnieland

It’s the first home game for the Packers today, the first home game for the Badgers was yesterday (quite a party) and we’d sure hate for first time visitors to Sconnieland to get lost. It has pretty much all you need to know :-)


It’s that time of year again!

Yep, Packers are heading to Soldier Field, Sunday, high-noon, to teach the Bears another thing or two about football. :-) Browsing through some game-related stuff on Facebook I came across this. The Bears are probably hoping Cutler is better at football this Sunday than at Wheel of Fortune.

HOLLYWOOD — Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler left his appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune empty-handed Friday when he bought a vowel rather than trying to solve a fairly easy puzzle.
The letter S would have completed the puzzle and earned Cutler a jackpot of $8,000.
Even Vanna White knew that the Bears still suck.
Cutler opens Chicago’s 2015 regular season this weekend at home against the rival Green Bay Packers, where he is not expected to fare better than he did on Wheel of Fortune.

bearscutler;-) Just a little funnin’ ya, folks! Thanks to Tim Donovan for the laughs! I love Onion-y kind of stuff!

All joking aside, I read that the Bears keep Cutler because it would cost the team a fortune to get rid of him. I wonder if the Bears Brain Trust (there’s an oxymoron for you!) have figured how much losing all the time costs them?


Always! Help mom when she calls

Even Sam Dekker, newly drafted in the first round by the Houston Rockets, comes running when his mom calls for a little help.

Northern lights in Wisconsin

The recent strong solar storm has caused the Northern Lights to be visible even here in Southern Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has some photos gleaned from Twitter. They’re gorgeous in a spooky way. I wish I’d ventured out last night. It was clear and cold and would have been a great night for viewing.

Just South of Madison at Edgerton.

At Ellison Bay on the Door Peninsula.



Ice Bowl II coming up, the ‘Boys first thought is “where’s the heater”

Ice Bowl II between Green Bay and Dallas is coming up this Sunday and the folks from Dallas are wondering how the ‘Boys will stay warm. According to the headline,

coldcowboysThat’s good to hear. If their first thought is “where’s the heater” they’re not worrying about where Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers are. The temperature will be cold, a high of 18 is expected, but this is pretty good considering the past week.

There’s a funny video going around showing the last four minutes of the pregame show for Ice Bowl I played December 31, 1967. The announcers are Ray Scott, Jack Buck and Frank Gifford. Frank forgot his stocking cap. Everyone agreed, it was very cold, 16 below zero at game time.

icebowl1Records from show it was to get much colder a week later. Wow, 24 below.


The Square, Monroe, Wisconsin

We drove down to Monroe, Wisconsin again a of couple weeks ago and whenever we go there I have to visit the town square to take a few pictures. At the center of the square is the Green County courthouse and around the square you find some nice shops and places to eat. One of the shops’ windows offered a nice reflection of the courthouse so I snapped it. People in Green County are very proud of their Swiss immigrant heritage and their cheesemaking. In fact, this coming weekend, Sept 19-21 is the 100th Cheese Days festival. If you’re feeling a little hungry I definitely recommend Baumgartner’s (if you’re not planning to kiss anyone the rest of the day go for the Limburger with a thick slice of red onion on rye) and Pancho and Leftys (don’t pass up the nachos with smoked pulled pork).

Hans und Franz are back to pump up Aaron Rodgers!

This State Farm commercial is so funny! Hans und Franz are back to pump up Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers! Right now we’re down by 12 points. It’s time for the “pump you up” magic to kick in! Go, Pack, Go!


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