This is gonna hurt!

After a beautiful November bitter cold and the first snowfall of the season is heading our way. By Saturday morning they say Ladybird Lane could have five inches of that ugly, cold white stuff on the ground, and on the sidewalk, and on the driveway. :-( 11 degrees, coming at us. Brrrrrr! This is gonna hurt!

I went to the garden and dug up the remaining goodies, a big bag full of carrots and another big bag full of parsnips. They are sweet! And, there was some broccoli, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and kale hanging on. It was a very good year for gardening. I’m already looking forward to next Spring.


The face of 18 below zero

Our little squirrely friends, who have a nest inside of a branch of our big weeping willow in the backyard, were a bit hungry this morning. It’s 18 below zero at a little before 10:00 in the morning. So, we took care of them with a little seed and the most prized of all, peanuts. Here’s the face of cold at Ladybird Lane. And, yes, that is frost on the whiskers around his nose. It’s cold!


It’s pretty windy outside and that makes 18 below zero Fahrenheit (-28 Celsius) feel extremely cold with a windchill of 46 below zero (-43 Celsius). I took the garbage cans to the street and in just a couple of minutes my cheeks were stinging. It’s cold everywhere. The weather map shows the coldest in the immediate Madison area is 24 below zero, just West of us a few miles. And that’s without the wind chill (47 below zero). When I woke up it was 12 below and the weather forecast says we could get down to 23 below before temps turnaround later tonight. If this isn’t the Frozen Tundra I don’t know what is!

Temperatures at 10:00am Jan 6 20140130106Here’s a bit of an update as of 6:30 p.m. Our high today was 11 below zero. Right now we’re heading back down again, currently -14F, and who knows how how low it will get. The rooftop instruments at the atmospheric sciences building on the UW campus provides current data.

6 below but somebody’s been getting ready for Easter!

It’s six degrees below zero and the windchill is 15 below. It’s cold! But, somebody has been out already gettin’ ready for Easter, I presume.

Rabbit Tracks

1:40 p.m. and only +3 degrees Fahrenheit.

OK, the coldest day of the year (so far) here in Madison seems to be here. It’s +3 degrees Fahrenheit at 1:40 p.m. and I doubt it gets any warmer. It’s sunny! That’s good if you’re out to photograph the shivering squirrels. But, that’s about the only good part.

Tonight, we’re heading toward -3 degrees F if this forecast is correct (I’m not betting my long johns on it).

Some forecasters are predicting even lower temperatures.

NBC 15 thinks it will get down to 7 below.

And, Channel 3 is the extremist, forecasting a low of ten below zero.

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