It’s lily season

The lilies are blooming and this bunch caught my eye. Our front yard at Ladybird Lane is pretty shady but sometimes sunbeams punch their way through the ash and locust canopy and give the flowers this momentary brilliance.

Pink lilies

A terrific year for lilies

It’s been a terrific year for lilies here at Ladybird Lane. Here’s one of my favorites. This particular plant has been blooming for about two weeks and still isn’t finished. The buds just keep forming and opening.

Fluorescent orange lilies

After the pink and white first lily of the Summer opened yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon the first of the fluorescent orange lilies opened. And this morning there are more of them. Honestly, this is the true color of this lily. A lot of digital photos are over saturated but not this one. This lily is truly this bright orange. One drawback is that it is fairly short and generally just has one blossom per stalk. The taller lilies, such as the pink and white one, have many blossoms per stalk.

First lily of the Summer

The first lily of the Summer is finally out with a lot more in the bud stage. It looks like a good year for lilies at Ladybird Lane. :-)

Pink Lily

More lilies

I’m always amazed by the symmetry we find in nature. Here are a few lilies in the front yard here at Ladybird Lane. Six petals, six stamens, one pistol yet three sides positioned well to catch pollen. We see not just a strategy of attraction, the beautiful coloration, but also diversification of risk. One might think the efficient solution would be one sturdy pistol and stamen combination. Yet, there are these backup systems in place, multiple flowers, multiple pieces to those flowers, it boggles the mind. Trying to figure out the mechanics of nature are a challenge. Yet, the prime directive, survival and reproduction, is common and undeniable.

Daylily symmetry

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