Remembering Paris

Paris is often on my mind. The Lady of Ladybird Lane and I spent a wonderful Christmas and New Years there … 12 years ago, already. It seems like yesterday. I’ll always remember the evening we walked under the Eiffel Tower just after sunset, the sky clear, an iridescent blue, and The Tower glowing and flickering with this golden light. It was amazing.


foggy Paris

Terrific photos of Paris in the fog!


makes it an even more beautiful city. I uploaded some photos from Paris  (analog – 35mm and digital – louvre)


copyrightPRAMUDIYA_PARIS_34 kopieren


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I can’t believe it’s been nine years!

I was looking through some photos and right there staring out at me was the file date. OMG, it’s already been nine years. It seems like yesterday. I’m not sure why it seems like yesterday. Perhaps because it was Paris. Or, perhaps it was because I was with my incredible wife. How time flies when you’re enjoying life.

Fabulous webcam panorama of Paris (of course, that one!)

This is just fabulous. Paris is my favorite city in Europe. It’s just a fantastic city. So, when I saw this webcam panorama I just had to share it. What a city!

Paris Panoramic Webcam

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