It’s lily season

The lilies are blooming and this bunch caught my eye. Our front yard at Ladybird Lane is pretty shady but sometimes sunbeams punch their way through the ash and locust canopy and give the flowers this momentary brilliance.

Pink lilies

Bleeding hearts I look forward to seeing

The bleeding heart here at Ladybird Lane was especially nice this year. I really do love this plant. The leaves are very pretty, the branches droop so gracefully and the pink color is especially nice. And then there is the shape of the blossom. It’s one of my favorites.

First lily of the Summer

The first lily of the Summer is finally out with a lot more in the bud stage. It looks like a good year for lilies at Ladybird Lane. :-)

Pink Lily

Formerly pink now white peonies

The peonies are finally starting to bloom. They seem to be a little bit late this year. When I was growing up in Southwest Nebraska the peonies almost always opened on or within a couple days of Memorial Day. They were out traditional flower to decorate grades at the cemetery. We’re a little farther North in Madison and a little bit later in the year. Anyway, while they last, which often isn’t too long because of rain and wind this time of year, the peonies are gorgeous.

A few years ago a friend gave us some peony plants. The first time they bloomed they were the usual pink. Over time though they’ve gradually turned white with just a tinge of pink on the largest, outside petals and a little red vein in the very center. Any ideas what’s going on here with the peonies at Ladybird Lane? Is it something in the soil? I planted a hydrangea a few years ago and when we bought it it was this reddish rusty color. Very nice. Now it’s the usual white hydrangea. It’s just starting to bud so I’ll have some photos in a couple of weeks I suppose.

This pink, this year, is just gorgeous!

Our bleeding heart plant here at Ladybird Lane just loves this cold, damp Spring we’ve had so far in the Madison area. I think this is probably the best it has ever looked. For the most part I don’t care for bright pink flowers. But, this pink, this year, is just gorgeous! I noticed in some of the blossoms there appear to be droplets of water. Interesting, to me anyway.

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