This is gonna hurt!

After a beautiful November bitter cold and the first snowfall of the season is heading our way. By Saturday morning they say Ladybird Lane could have five inches of that ugly, cold white stuff on the ground, and on the sidewalk, and on the driveway. :-( 11 degrees, coming at us. Brrrrrr! This is gonna hurt!

I went to the garden and dug up the remaining goodies, a big bag full of carrots and another big bag full of parsnips. They are sweet! And, there was some broccoli, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and kale hanging on. It was a very good year for gardening. I’m already looking forward to next Spring.


This is unfortunate

Just a few days ago we were celebrating the arrival of Spring noting that a few brave crocuses had poked their heads out of the ground. This morning, though, six inches of heavy, wet white stuff is on the ground here at Ladybird Lane. :-( I guess the gardening will have to wait a few more days.

Ice roses at Ladybird Lane

The weather turned frigid this past week here in the Madison area. High temperatures are usually in the mid-40s but in the last seven days we haven’t gotten above 29 and yesterday we topped out at 14. Brrrrrrrr!!!!! Needless to say this bitter cold spell, coming as early as it has, ended the dreams of Ladybird Lane’s Winter Roses of finishing the season with a flourish. The snow and last night’s 8 degrees (F) temperature has turned them into ice roses.

Snow on my Rosemary!

I went to sleep last night to the sound of gentle rainfall. But, when I woke up there was snow on my rosemary here at Ladybird Lane. I had just put it out on the deck yesterday to get some sun and real rain. But this morning … Winter, still.






Drat, you caught me!

The squirrels in the backyard here at Ladybird Lane love peanuts. But, the snow and cold weather have made it a little tough for them. If we shell the peanuts they eat them right in front of us. Otherwise, they generally take them with them. I had intended these for the cardinals that were flying around but this fellow got there first. I like to think he’s saying “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Brrrrrrrrr, Snow!

We are right here on the Southern edge of the Frozen Tundra. And, we’ve had lots of snow in the past much earlier than November 11. Those facts, though, don’t diminish my feelings toward this first snow of the season. Yuck! It’s cold! And, I’m not giving Mother Nature any credit for warming up things a whole one degree Fahrenheit since earlier this morning. 20 degrees is a rude awakening especially when I stick my nose outdoors and a wind chill of 10 degrees greets me.


16 inches and still falling in Hayward, Wisconsin

It’s Spring, right? Well, not yet in Hayward, Wisconsin and many other parts of the Midwest just north and west of Madison.

A rare May winter storm continues to bring heavy snow in northwestern Wisconsin. Reports of over a foot of snow have been common in the region. Hayward in Sawyer County has reported 16 inches of snow.

Buffalo County – About 5” snow reported, plows are out, schools are closed, no major issues to report.

Chippewa County – Local officials report 3 – 8” of snow, no major issues reported. Some roadways in the north part of the county obstructed by trees down in vicinity of Cty Hwy 40 & Cty Hwy M.

Dunn County –Snow totals vary 10-15” reported. A lot of tree limbs and power lines are down. Schools were closed today.

Eau Claire County – 2-3” of snow received. Some schools were closed, but no major issues reported.

Pepin County – Has received about a foot of snow. Schools are closed. There are reports of sporadic power outages.

Pierce County – Snow total in Ellsworth 14-15” & schools closed; spotty power outages and trees or limbs down, some roads temporarily blocked. No major issues reported.

St. Croix County – Snow totals vary 6-14”, some tree limbs broken, a few power outages, but nothing major to report.

I’m thankful the snow didn’t make it this far South. The daffodils and hyacinths have been blooming for a few days and the tulips are just starting to open. It was a bit too warm last night (around 35 degrees) but we had enough rain to get a few inches of snow and it’s still raining this morning with the temperature at 39 degrees.

First Farmer’s Market in Madison coated with SNOW

OK, it’s the 20th of April and it’s still snowing. Not a lot. But, snow nonetheless. Here’s a nice photo from the scene thanks to the Great Dane Pub and Brewery’s Facebook page. If you’re in the area, the Great Dane is a terrific place to get an beer and some food. It’s a lot of fun!


Since the snowstorm yesterday in which we received a little over nine inches these icicles on the back of our house have really grown. Fortunately, the temperature hasn’t been too cold and there’s always a bit of heat escaping through the roof it seems. So, they provide a little beauty on what is otherwise a drab day-after.


Seven hours later … it’s still snowing

So far about six inches of this clean, white snow. I need to get outside and clear the sidewalks when it stops. Luckily, it isn’t too cold outside. And, the end of the week is supposed to be in the 40s so a lot of this will be gone before too long.

********* Follow up *********

It’s now 11 hours of snow and we’re at a little over 9 inches. It should, according to the weather people, stop pretty soon. Yay!!! Actually, we need the moisture. Last year was really dry. So, “thanks for the precipitation” and now it can melt. :-)

Snowy locust

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