Tommy’s Thanksgiving

Tommy, our local turkey, enjoyed his usual meal of mixed grains and sunflower seeds this Thanksgiving. I think he’s grateful that the locals didn’t put him on their Thanksgiving tables. He’s a pretty smart turkey having now figured out how to get into the hanging basket feeder. Occasionally he cleans up some of his mess under the two feeders. What a guy!

I hope all of you had at least as nice of a Thanksgiving as Tommy. :-)


Tommy has figured out how to eat from the basket feeder.



Tommy’s also pretty comfortable picking seed out of the little cup on this small birdhouse.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I’m thankful for you who take time to read, comment and even follow This Got My Attention. And, I’m thankful for WordPress which enables us to get together. I’ve run into a lot of really terrific people from all over the world thanks to this little blog. You make it fun and interesting. Thank you!

By the way. If you’ve ever wondered what a Romanian turkey looks like, well, here’s one of Uncle Nitsa’s turkeys. I took the photo a couple of years ago when Uncle was still on his farm. Yes, Romanian turkeys look like turkeys here in Sconnieland and other parts of the fruited plain. They sing the same song, too. Gobble Gobble Gobble! :-)

Uncle Nitsa's Turkey

Uncle Nitsa’s Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Thank you to all of you who have read, followed and commented on my scribblings here at “This Got My Attention.” Happy Thanksgiving!

One trip to Romania to visit family a few years ago we stopped by an uncle’s small farm. He was quite proud of his turkeys. And, given it is Thanksgiving Day those turkeys come to mind. Indeed, Uncle’s turkeys were impressive birds. My wife took a picture of one of the larger Toms. He put on quite a show prancing and ruffling his tail.

Thank you for contributing!

It’s time to thank Ladybug Lane’s raspberries for a very nice harvest this Summer.


The blackberries will get there due one of these day. There are still a few waiting for their chance to tickle our taste buds.

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